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  • WZO offers mobile showers for IDF soldiers in the heart of Gaza

  • WZO head to Jewish donors: 'Halt donations to universities that promote hatred of Jews'

    קראו עוד
  • WZO initiative: Empty apartments in Israel for residents of the south

    Oct 24, 2023
    "My Home is Your Home" initiative will see Jews who own empty apartments in Israel put them up for residents of the south, especially those who lost their homes

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  • In solidarity with hostages, empty Shabbat tables set up worldwide

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  • Israeli Declaration of Independence displayed on WZO building

  • We are all signatories to the Declaration of Independence - Opinion

  • 120 new French olim arrive in Israel

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  • US Jewish leaders applaud death sentence for Tree of Life shooter

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  • First half of 2023 sees 10 percent rise in anti-Semitic incidents across U.S.

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  • What would Herzl say about Israel of today? Opinion

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  • How can Israel strengthen aliyah, Jewish identity? - opinion

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  • Honoring the new shlichim

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  • Knesset holds Commemoration day in memory of Diaspora Jewry amid France riots

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  • Jewish festival returns to Azerbaijan

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  • WZO head Hagoel talks 5 significant challenges confronting Jews

    קרא עוד
  • Moment of silence for fallen soldiers to be held at NY Israel Day Parade

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  • Miami conference brings Jewish emissaries from North, South, America

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  • WATCH: 2nd Arutz Sheva Jerusalem Conference in NYC convenes

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  • Some 38% of European Jews consider leaving due to antisemitisim

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  • Israeli government backs plan to recognize victims of antisemitism abroad

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  • Antizionism can be a form of antisemitism

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  • Survey: Half of Israeli expatriates never intend to come back

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  • Zionism has to be where the people of Israel need it - WZO head

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  • Israel must unite despite political division - opinion

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  • Israel Remembrance Day: Rabbi Leo Dee on qualities that must be saved

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  • Being a Jew is easier now, but still difficult outside Israel - opinion

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  • Zionist Congress unites Diaspora, youth and entrepreneurs in Israel

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  • Holding onto the Israeli flag without tearing it apart

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  • Jewish population in the United States tops 8 million, study says

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  • Israeli national anthem sung in Muslim parliament

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  • WZO to elect an American-Israeli woman as its first ever President

    Januray 31, 2023
    The new role of the President of the WZO will be mainly symbolic, with no jurisdiction or authority

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  • Rise in antisemitism curbed after decade-long surge

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  • WZO and Zionist Council in Israel hold conference of mayors and heads of local authorities

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  • Why a recent spike in online antisemitism has set off alarm bells in Israel

  • 150 WZO Educational Emissaries Gather In New Jersey

  • Monument unveiled in Netanya marking 75th anniversary of vote that led to establishment of State

  • In long-isolated Australia, festivals bring out Jewish celebrants in Sydney and Melbourne

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  • Investigation in an antisemitic incident in Virginia school district

  • In wartime Ukraine, synagogues keep lights on to mark Kristallnacht

  • For the first time: Hebrew schools in Colombia

  • The beating heart of Jewish life

  • Antisemitism at George Washington University

  • making waves

  • Jewish learning in Azerbaijan

  • Leadership seminar for IDF officers

  • Legal victory

  • "We believe in connection between Jews"

  • Herzl corner of Dubai

  • Palestinian backers protest during World Zionist event

  • 125 years of the First Zionist Congress

  • "a poet and fighter for our people’s human rights"

  • Latin America education conference

  • Dismissals on antisemitic grounds

  • 120 years to "Altneuland"

    May 14, 2022
    The original handwritten German manuscript of Theodor Herzl’s novel, “Altneuland” went on public display for the first time at the Herzl Center

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  • "Work to save thousands of Jews"

  • Antisemitism in various forms

  • The Declaration of Independence is renewed

  • "new wave of antisemitism"

  • Israel's "Plan B"

  • Mental health care delegation

  • Home sweet Home

  • Duke University student government recognizes campus Zionist group

  • 3,000 Ukrainian Jews requesting to make Aliyah

  • Arab-Israeli community

  • Antisemitic flyers blaming Jews for COVID

  • The WZO educational shlihim

  • Israel should invest in its expatriates

  • "6MFollowers Project"

  • "Outside the club" - Opinion

  • 30% of antisemitic cases - in the U.S

  • 2021 - the most antisemitic year

  • International Hebrew Exam

  • Renovating the historic gate

  • “Hebrew My Beloved”

  • Limmud FSU's 2021 Israel festival

  • Lobby to strengthen Diaspora

  • The legacy of Holland's Jewish cantorial music

  • "Sovereignty in the Land of Israel is our Identity as a people"

  • Bones of Herzl’s Grandparents to Be Brought to Israel

  • Jewish teens gather to learn Zionism and pride

  • 130 teaching emissaries in North America

  • Yakov Hagoel Wearing two hats of Jewish leadership

  • Holocaust memorial defaced in Oviedo, Spain

  • Assimilation raised as key problem in launch of Jewish People Lobby in Knesset

  • stand in protest against the rise of antisemitic events

  • Olim Documents Testifyto Jewish Life in Kfar HaShiloach

  • Holocaust survivors' notes placed in Western Wall

  • "Hebrew language classes given in diaspora help in aliyah increase"

  • New olim from around the world gather for Aliyah Day dance party

  • Israel Grants Awards to Immigrants for ‘Exceptional Contributions’ to Society

  • Ynet hosts conference on immigration in Israel

  • The era of aliyah is not over

  • Aliyah up 31% over 2020 numbers so far

  • 100 Ukrainian immigrants arrive in Israel

  • Ahead of Rosh Hashanah, Jewish population rises to 15.2 million worldwide

  • Selichot prayers in the Yemenites' Village in Jerusalem

  • Hundreds of Israelis go to Cave of the Patriarchs with WZO for Slichot

  • Zionist Org of America urges UNC to cancel anti-Israel course or replace instructor

  • Maccabi TA basketball team sets out to beat antisemitism

  • 161 future Lone Soldiers make Aliyah with Nefesh B'Nefesh

  • 160 French olim arrive in Israel on special flight

  • Rally against antisemitism’s message on Israel has driven away some left-wing groups

  • Some 2,000 rally against antisemitism in DC

  • WZO sends record number of emissaries abroad

  • In the wake of Gaza’s rockets, global antisemitism skyrockets - opinion

  • Detroit Jewish groups rally against anti-Semitism

  • Taglit-Birthright Israel is back and just in time

  • First came the Farhud: The 2-stage ethnic cleansing of Iraqi Jewry

  • Israel rallies, protests against antisemitism staged around the world

  • US Jews to hold mass relies today after spate of anti-Semitic attacks

  • OA urges President Biden to condemn PA incitement against Jews

  • There is only one Jerusalem - opinion

  • Swastika painted onto car in Negev kibbutz

  • Jewish Agency and the WZO hold memorial ceremonies for victims

  • A Reflection On Zionism On Herzl’s Birthday

  • Online event marks 101 years since San Remo Conference

  • WZO rehabilitates forests damaged by rockets and incendiary devices

  • KKL must postpone vote to purchase West Bank land - opinion

  • Jewish Agency marks 60th Anniversary of sinking of the Egoz

  • Israel's Declaration of Independence read at the Western Wall live

  • "He was a Likudnik at heart and a Herutnik in soul"

  • Last "Operation Zur Israel" flight lands in Israel, bringing new Ethiopian immigrants

  • Purim: Commemorate Me for Future Generations

  • Jacques Kupfer, Jewish Agency Governors Board member, dies

  • Tony Blair, former UK PM: Rabbi Sacks reminded me importance of faith

  • Hebrew in high demand as coronavirus lockdowns keeps people stuck indoors

  • WZO compiles photos of families celebrating Hannukah for special project

  • This Hanukkah amid the darkness, bring on the light

  • Yaakov Hagoel: World Zionist Organization is the Jewish world’s government

  • The Real Drama These Days: The Zionist Movement Almost Split

  • Yaakov Hagoel: We'll unite around values of the people and Land

  • Yaakov Hagoel elected chairman of WZO executive

  • Revitalizing the World Zionist Organization

  • "Herzl’s vision of the Jewish state was for all Jews"

  • Meet the World Zionist Organization department heads

  • Antisemitic graffiti spray-painted in Paris, suspect arrested

  • UK Police: Yom Kippur swastika did not target "on basis of race, religion"

  • UK: Swastika spray painted on car on Yom Kippur

  • WZO: Promoting aliyah through the Hebrew language

  • Reaching out to the younger generation is critical to combat antisemitism

  • Orgs to send emissaries, launch initiatives to connect with UAE Jews

  • Two haredim lightly injured in Brooklyn hit-and-run

  • Jewish Agency joins strike protesting violence against women

  • World Zionist Organization opens LGBTQ+ department

  • Jabotinsky in the mirror of reality

  • WZO announces plan to bring French Jews to Israel

  • World Zionist Organization offers plan to bring French Jews to Israel

  • WZO establishes new division to sponsor activities with LGBTQ+ community

  • World Zionist Organization condemns recent antisemitic incidents in Europe

  • Photos: The most Zionist homes in Israel

  • Yakkov Hagoel: "Memorial Day must commemorate victims of anti-Semitism around the world"

  • Yaakov Hagoel: Antisemitic victims should be added to Remembrance Day

  • 72nd Independence Day celebrated with global quarantine photo competition

  • Day after Holocaust Remembrance: "Jew, Zion, Death"

  • Nazi-inspired graffiti found in German town on Holocaust Remembrance Day

  • Ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day: Report Shows Sharp Increase in Anti-Semitism Worldwide

  • WZO report: Sharp increase in anti-Semitism

  • Holocaust found on Hamburg subway

  • Yaakov Hagoel urges governments to fight anti-Semitism "like the other viruses"

  • WZO demands action after 3 anti-Semitic incidents over weekend

  • The Central Zionist Archives and the Theodore Herzl Archive: A journey

  • World Zionist Organization hosts first congress in Chile on antisemitism

  • U.S. Jewry feel betrayed by Netanyahu following Omar, Tlaib debacle

  • Bringing Herzl home

  • Christian delegation to commemorate Tisha B’Av with Jews in Israel

  • New app offers 24/7 Hebrew lessons for immigrants

  • "Time to put an end to anti-Semitic terror attacks in the US"

  • Uganda and the Jewish question

  • Herzl Beyond the Parochet (Curtain)

  • WZO to reveal almost identical replica to missing Herzl coffin cover

  • Jewish Agency: A matter of time before more casualties

  • Rare images reveal life in Beersheva in its first decades

  • Jewish cemeteries desecrated in South Africa

  • Jewish graves desecrated in South Africa

  • South African Jewish cemeteries vandalized

  • The value of 'Yishuvim' in the Land of Israel

  • When Haifa was party central at Shavuot

  • Jewish center in Uganda dedicated to Yoni Netanyahu

  • Jewish Agency, WZO kick-off new Project TEN hub in Mitzpe Ramon

  • The ultimate proof of partnership

  • 120 Years of Zionism Exhibition flies to Florida

  • Remembrance Day ceremony for Jews killed in antisemitic attacks - watch

  • Victims of US anti-Semitic attacks center of Yom HaZikaron event

  • Jewish organizations condemn attack

  • "Anti-Semitic arsonists don't want to allow Jews true freedom"

  • Nazi money belts in Poland leads Auchan to apologize

  • Ali Express pulls "Lego Nazis" from site after outrage

  • Pro-Hitler slogans, Nazi imagery deface Massachusetts Jewish cemetery

  • New York City rallies against antisemitism simultaneously with Israel

  • Anti-Israel graffiti spray-painted on Buenos Aires subway station

  • Facing hate - WZO holds international protests against antisemitism

  • Global protests against antisemitism to take place on Sunday

  • Over 60 rallies around the world against anti-Semitism

  • The war against antisemitism must be conducted on social media

  • Nonreligious Israeli Teachers Are in Demand in America

  • Cooking in Hebrew

  • "Zionist Calendar" launched for Diaspora Jewry

  • new WZO Zionism Calendar

  • Aliyah Day

  • Happy Zionism Day!

  • Meeting the Jewish young women who educate in Tunis

  • Giro d’Italia, Mahmoud Abbas and Jerusalem

  • WZO finally responds to Lord Balfour

  • London Zionists gather at WZO counter antisemitism

  • Posters in Argentina: "Netanyahu is Hitler"

  • Netanyahu depicted as Hitler in Argentina posters

  • "The Zionist response is to build"

  • he Zionist Quiz

  • Danon: I live with anti-Semitism 7/42 at UN

  • Herzog, Edelstein: Not all Israel criticism is antisemitism

  • Flying abroad? Take some Zionism with you

  • Jewish leaders fuming over comments