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Major Trends of the Department

1. Motivation and assistance in preparing for immigration. Today everyone who has the rights for repatriation knows that he can come to Israel at any moment. However, by far not everyone has motivation to accomplish this step. Our mission – is to bring back the original meaning to the concept of “Zionism”. The decision to immigrateis the first step on the way to returning to the homeland. Learning Hebrew, evaluating the prospects of professional requirements, choice of the place for living, knowing the status and rights of the new immigrants, making the personal absorption program. These points largely influence on how the new life in Israel will start. Therefore it is extremely important for people to come to Israel prepared.

2. Awakening the interest to learning Hebrew. Knowing the language is a very important aspect of national identification. We are expanding the network of ulpans and Hebrew courses in the Diaspora, organizing internships for the teachers. Until the end of 2016 400 new classes will be launched. It is an inescapable fact: immigrants who come to Israel with the knowledge of Hebrew adapt themselves far faster and more successfully.

3. Strengthening the ties between the Jews in Diaspora and the State of Israel. Diaspora Jews are an integral part of the Jewish people. Renewal and support of the Jewish life should take place in the context of strengthening the national self-identification of Diaspora Jews and forming the sustainable interest to Israel and pride for its’ achievements. It is extremely important to be able to work not only with the Jews united in the communities, but also to reach out to Jews not included in those communities. To learn to talk to the “unaffiliated” Jews, mainly the young people which are out of the existing organizations and communities.

  • Marina Rozenberg Koritny

    Head of the Aliya Promotion Department
    Political party: Mizrachi - Beitenu - Herut - Derech Eretz - Lavi
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