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Zionist Supreme Court

The Supreme Zionist Court is the judicial body of the Zionist movement.
Its powers include: interpretation of the constitution; determining the legality of the central Zionist institutions' decisions; to discuss and resolve disputes between Zionist bodies - if at least one party is the World Zionist Organization or a central Zionist institution, or if the seat of the parties is in different countries; to discuss disputes - with the exception of financial matters - between the World Zionist Organization, a central Zionist institution or individual Zionists in matters related to Zionist action or arising from membership in a Zionist body; to discuss appeals on decisions regarding the postponement of the Congress or the postponement of the Executive Committee's sessions; to discuss matters of congressional elections and approve the personal and factional composition of the congress; to discuss appealing the determination of the number of delegates; to discuss matters pertaining to violation of the constitution, the affairs and/or honor of the World Zionist Organization which were brought for discussion by the attorney of the World Zionist Organization, based on their public-Zionist importance.

The President of the Supreme Zionist Court is elected by the Zionist Congress for two congressional periods.
The judges of the Supreme Zionist Court are appointed by a committee for appointing judges that is headed by the President of the Supreme Zionist Court and its members are representatives of the Zionist Congress (4), representatives of the President of the court (2) and representatives of the attorney (2).

The judges of the Zionist Court
Judge Steve Adler (retired), Acting President of the Zionist Court
Judge Daniella Wexler (retired)
Adv. Dr. Lipa Meir
Judge Yigal Flitman (retired)
Judge Shmuel Tzur (retired)
Judge Anna Schneider (retired)
Adv. Tzvi Nixon
Herzl Makov, Secretary of the Zionist Court