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Center for Religious Affairs in the Diaspora

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The Center encourages and nurtures the new generation of Orthodox rabbis with programs and religious services from Israel. It also holds seminars for rabbis on current affairs, as well as vocational training and conferences, initiates and promotes the establishment of Batey Midrash for women in the Diaspora, and runs the Ben Ami project for religious guidance in small Jewish communities in the Diaspora.

As befits this era of changes, it strengthens the connection between rabbis and communal or spiritual leaders, and the State of Israel and its Chief Rabbinate, in the hope that the latter two serve as a source of spiritual and national inspiration for the rabbis and leaders, as well as a global center of Halakhic ruling.

The Center attributes great importance to the positions and roles of community presidents and heads of Jewish organizations in light of the tremendous impact they have on shaping the Jewish character of their communities. The Center therefore promotes the increased involvement of community leaders in their congregations'' spiritual lives, and more profound understanding between rabbis and presidents or other community leaders. It is the Center''s main aim to bring Jews closer to Torah and Zion. 

  • Roi Abecassis

    Head of the Center for Religious Affairs in the Diaspora
    Political party: Mizrachi - Beitenu - Herut - Derech Eretz - Lavi
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