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The Education Department of the World Zionist Organization was established in February 2016 with the aim of promoting Jewish Zionist education in the Diaspora. The vision of the Department of Education is to ensure the future and uniqueness of the Jewish people by promoting Jewish, Hebrew and Zionist education through fostering Jewish spiritual and cultural values and by instilling the Hebrew language as the national language.

The main objectives of the Department of Education are: Positioning of the World Zionist Organization as the leading Zionist education organization in Israel and the Diaspora; Empowering Jewish identity and the connection to the State of Israel among Jews in Israel and the Diaspora through the Hebrew language; Creating collaborations with the Government of Israel for promoting and running of Zionist educational projects; Expanding the World Zionist Organization's activities in formal and informal education systems in Israel and the Diaspora; Creating and producing up-to-date, technological and innovative educational tools in Zionist education in Israel and the Diaspora.

  • Roi Abecassis

    Roi Abecassis

    Head of the Department of Education
    Political party: Mizrachi - Beitenu - Herut - Derech Eretz - Lavi
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