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Gael Greenwald

  • Gael Greenwald

    Gael Greenwald

    Vice Chairman and Head of the Department of Education
    Mizrachi - Beitenu - Herut - Derech Eretz - Lavi

Gael Greenwald, Made Aliyah to Israel from France when he was 18, married to Shira and has seven children, a resident of Ramat Beit Shemesh, and a graduate of "Machon Lev" Institute.

Served as secretary general of Bnei Akiva, Chairman of the Council of World Youth Movements and chairman of partnership Beit Shemesh - Washington / South Africa, served as head of the HagshamaDepartment of the WZO, Deputy Chairman of KKL- JNF and was elected as head of the Rural Growth and Development Division.

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