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Director General

Director General

Responsible for development and implementation of World Zionist Organization policy and for current management of the organization, with the aim of realizing Zionist Executive policy. The Director General is responsible for all of the organization’s professional departments: Finance, Human Resources, and the Legislative Institutions Office. The Office of the Director General coordinates the Short-Term Shlichut Committee and is responsible for preparing the organization’s work plan and annual budget. The Director General carries out all tasks assigned to him by the Chairman of the World Zionist Organization and by the Zionist Executive.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department manages the organization’s employee lifecycle, and is in charge of organizational development. The Department handles the following areas, among others: recruiting and screening new employees, managing tenders, work contracts, work and wage conditions, attendance system, including the recording of vacations and sick leave, ranking, study and training, evaluation, sexual harassment, organizational development, organizational diagnostics and consultation, job descriptions, new employee training and assistance, integrating people with disabilities in the WZO, organizing study days, and more.

The Human Resources Department and its head also coordinate the following committees: the Personnel Committee, the Service Conditions Committee, the Education Committee, the Vehicle Committee, and more.

Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for preparing the World Zionist Organization budget and for the budget’s current management, subject to WZO policy and under the responsibility of the Director General. Budgetary spending is in accordance with budget procedures under the responsibility of the Finance Department, which handles payments and financial transfers. The Finance Department is also in charge of purchasing and tender processes, and the implementation of WZO purchasing policy, by identifying suppliers, obtaining price quotes, managing negotiations, etc., in the framework of current purchases for the organization’s departments. The Purchasing Committee, headed by the Director of the Finance Department, discusses and decides on applications for contracts with suppliers, including contract terms, scope, and cost. All projects that reach the Committee are examined in terms of their economic, financial, and legal aspects. The Committee convenes as needed.

Legislative Institutions Office

The Legislative Institutions Office is the office that coordinates all activity of the Zionist Movement institutions. Institutions whose current activity is managed by the Legislative Institutions Office include the Zionist Congress, Zionist General Council, and Zionist Supreme Court. The Office organizes the Congress which convenes every five years, and handles all aspects of it, including: the Mandates Committee, Regional Elections Committee, Central Elections Committee, Preparatory Committee, Standing Committee, and others; it manages the annually-convening Zionist General Council and coordinates the current work of the Zionist General Council Presidium, Finance Committee, and Audit Committee.

Prior to, and following, all events, the Office provides services to the factions and the organizations, issues invitations to committees, handles member turnover, manages Presidium meetings, current updates, and services to the Executive and the national institutions, as needed and requested. The Office is also responsible for Veteran Zionist affairs vis-à-vis the Civil Service Commission.