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Irgoon and Connection with Israelis Abroad

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The Department for Irgoon and Connection with Israelis in Abroad

The Department for Irgoon and Connection with Israelis Abroad was established at the 20th Zionist Congress (October 2020). For the first time in the national institutions, a department is established whose main function is the connection with Israelis in the Diaspora.

The department is responsible for four pillars of activity - Zionist federations, liaison with Israelis in the Diaspora, The Bialik Institute, and the Irgoon areas of the World Zionist Organization.

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Israelis Abroad

The main activity of the department is working with the Israelis in the Diaspora through a variety of unique programs and services such as: community events, educational content booklets, Hebrew schools, and many more. All this with the aim of connecting the Israelis in the Diaspora to the State of Israel, to the Israeli experience and to a Jewish identity.

Zionist Federations

An essential part of the department's work is the work with 36 Zionist federations from around the world. The department accompanies the federations in their Zionist and Jewish activities in the Diaspora, and is their connection with the World Zionist Organization.
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Beit Ha'am Z-talks

Beit Ha’am includes over 30 educational units on a wide variety of topics which provide tools for educators and students to create conversations about the main issues engrossing the Zionist movement and the Jewish world in the 21st century.
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Beit Ha'am Israeli Music

In this program we will listen to new Israeli hits, explore the lyrics of the songs, discuss the deep meanings behind the melodies, and how they connect to various developments in Israeli society.
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Beit Ha'am Films

The Beit Ha'am Films kit consists of six short Israeli films that were carefully chosen from dozens of prize-winning works. The films present various perspectives on Israeli society, the way of life in Israel, and issues of concern to young Israeli filmmakers.
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