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Beit Ha'am- Community Center

"Beit Ha'am - a home for the Israeli community" is a gathering place (a kind of community center) and a "home" for those Israelis in various countries.

Its purpose is to help Israelis preserve the connection with the State of Israel, preserve the Hebrew language, and connect the second-generation Israelis abroad with them.

This center carries out regular activities for the entire Israeli audience in the community - starting with preschool children, students, and young parents and adults. As part of the "Beit Ha'am" activity, there are Hebrew studies, Israeli cultural and traditional events, and a general meeting for the benefit of community connection.

As stated above, "Beit Ha'am Community Center" will work for the benefit of education and connection to Israel, the study and love of the Hebrew language and the formation of an Israeli community, all with the goal that in the future these centers will serve both the Israeli community in the region and the general Jewish community.

Beit Ha'am community Centers offers: