Zionist Congress

Beit Ha'am- Education Center

Various estimates indicate that today there are approximately one million Israelis living in the Diaspora. This estimate is based on the fact that among other reasons, there is no orderly registration of this population by any official body.

In a study conducted this year by the Department in collaboration with the Hebrew University, it emerged that the most important parameter for Israelis living in the Diaspora is the preservation of the Hebrew language among their children.

The 2nd generation of Israelis living in the Diaspora often go to public schools and do not belong or identify with the local Jewish community. In order to preserve their Jewish identity, and based on the understanding that this is an issue that worries many Israeli parents, and there are no existing answers in the field (whether within the Jewish education or not), the department has created Beit Ha'am- Education Center both to provide a framework for Hebrew studies: literacy, language, reading and writing, and in a place that will bring Israel - Culture/ language/ experiences. and eventually, preserve the attachment of the children of Israelis in the Diaspora to the State of Israel.