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Beit Ha'am Z-talks

Who are we Beit Haam?

Welcome to Beit Ha’am: a discussion about Zionism. This is an educational platform presented by the Department of Irgoon and Connection with Israelis Abroad in the World Zionist Organization.

Beit Ha’am includes over 30 educational units on a wide variety of topics which provide tools for educators and students to create conversations about the main issues engrossing the Zionist movement and the Jewish world in the 21st century.

Through discussion on topics relevant to us all, such as the relationship between Israel and the Diaspora, the relationship between veganism or sustainability to Zionism and Judaism, mutual responsibility and more, Beit Ha’am would like to create a conversation about Israel as a question of identity, in which there is no fear to deal with and tackle the complexities of the issues at hand.

The discussions are created using a variety of sources and reading materials, drawing from the Jewish Library in the widest sense of the word, from the Bible and Mishna through Maimonides and Leonard Cohen or modern newspaper clippings; the discussion creates a space for participants to present a wide variety of opinions and understandings on these issues.

We invite you take part in molding the Zionism of tomorrow and to ask yourself, together with us, how can we influence the future of Zionism and the Jewish nation?

Let’s be in touch do we can keep you updated (We won’t bug you, except for sending you new Beit Ha’am units and special events!)