Zionist Congress

Leadership with an Eye to The Future

Walking the Paths of Leadership Paved by Theodor Herzl and the Zionist Movement.
Yigal Allon said that "a nation unfamiliar with its past will have a meager present and an unclear future." We believe that as well! The Department designs special itineraries that trace the footsteps of Herzl and the Zionist movement in Europe. The program challenges the journey participants, who are leaders from all walks of Israeli society and the Diaspora, to delve into the past of our people - and after doing that, and coming from a place of connection and understanding, take a committed role in shaping the future of the Jewish people in the spirit of an envisioned exemplary society.

Leadership with an eye to the future offers a number of itineraries that are customized to each and every group:
A Journey to Ukraine - In the Footsteps of the Pioneers
A Journey to Romania - The Untold Zionist Story
A Journey to Germany – Community: Between Assimilating and Disappearing A Journey to Hungary, Austria and Switzerland – Milestones in Herzl's Life