Zionist Congress

iVision Conferences


iVision, an annual conference held by the Department, brings together hundreds of Jews for a weekend of Zionism and Israel. The conference offers young adults from different countries an opportunity to meet, attend a variety of lectures and workshops dealing with Israel and Zionism, visit Zionist sites, and, for dessert, have fun at an Israeli-style party.

iVision is a unique experience that sparks a sense of partnership and belonging in every participant.

"The iVision conference is a great opportunity for young European Jews to meet and discuss the future and the significance of Zionism. It was amazing to see how people from so many different countries, who have so many different views, gather together around their shared love of Israel." (Loren Amouyal, a participant in the iVision conference, Paris, 2017 and Budapest, 2018)

iVision Innovation

its format is similar to the annual conference, but this gathering is intended for young adults from a particular geographical area. Furthermore, the focus is on Israeli innovation and entrepreneurship.

"It was an amazing gathering with people from different countries, where you can share your views about the condition of the local communities and the political situation and, of course, get to know young leaders from various places." (Dario, a participant from Kosovo in the 2019 Bitola conference)