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Zionist Enterprises Department

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Securing the future and uniqueness of the Jewish people by promoting and strengthening Jewish identity and the connection to Israel in the spirit of our Declaration of Independence and the Jerusalem Plan.

The Zionist Enterprises Department strives to strengthen Zionistic and Jewish morality by assimilating the values ​​of tikkun olam and social justice by emulating Herzl's model society. We believe that communal work for all the citizens of Israel and for each person is a central pillar of Zionism. Although the start of the Zionist movement sought to find a balm for the suffering of the Jewish people, today, the role of Zionism has naturally progressed towards reducing the suffering of every person in Israel and to act in the spirit of the Zionist leaders who love peace, justice and our people.

The department offers activities that promote the ideas of tikkun olam and social justice, the development of social entrepreneurship, the aspiration to reduce disparities, bringing the periphery closer to the center and the promotion of tolerance in Israeli society.

Humanistic Cultural Judaism

Humanistic Cultural Judaism

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