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President of the World Zionist Organization

Tova Dorfman serves as the president of the World Zionist Organization.
Dorfman was elected after serving as vice-chairman of the World Zionist Organization and as head of the Department for Israel and Holocaust Commemoration, and she will continue to serve as CEO of the Steinhardt Foundation simultaneously.

In the past, Dorfman also served as chairman of the Herzl Center, associate chairman of the Foundations Forum in Israel, and managed the Israel and Foreign Department of the Jewish Federation of Detroit.

Dorfman, married with two children, grew up in Michigan and immigrated to Israel in 1984 after completing her undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of California. Between the years 1984-1993 she worked at Melitz - the Center for Jewish Zionist Education in Jerusalem. In addition, Dorfman has been a board member in the "Yesh Atid" party since its foundation.

The president of the World Zionist Organization is a ceremonial and voluntary representative position, which works to assist the chairman and the members of the board to promote the values of the World Zionist Organization in Israel and around the world.

* Photo credit: Elad Gutman