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Department of Zionist Activity in the Diaspora

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The Department of Zionist Activity in Diaspora is responsible for connecting the World Zionist Organization to Jewish federations, communities, organizations all over the world. We believe strongly that Israel is an essential part of the Jewish identity. Our mission is to connect Jews to Israel through partnerships with local organizations, impactful experiences, and educational programs.

We put an emphasis on building and exploring innovative projects and tools to accomplish these goals and reach new audiences and communities and most importantly, the younger generation. Ultimately, these joint efforts between our department and Jewish communities worldwide lead to longer lasting relationships, deeper connections to Israel and greater impact.

Our department works with communities in North America, Latin America, Europe and Australia and the department staff is made up of English, French, Spanish and Hebrew speakers.

  • Nerya Meir

    Head of the Department of Zionist Activity in the Diaspora
    Political party: World Likud
    02-6202127 Read More
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Activity 75 to Israel

Activity to get to know key Israeli characters
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Israel flag

Shiron for Independence Day

Shiron in Hebrew-French and Hebrew-Italian languages
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Nerya Meir with "Gesher to Israel" freinds

Bridge to Israel

We are happy and excited to announce the launch of a new program: "Bridge to Israel". This new project is a partnership between the large Jewish youth organization NCSY and the Diaspora Department. Together we will work to create a program to strengthen the connection between Israel and young people in the San Francisco Bay area.
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