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Zionist Executive

The Zionist Congress elects a chairperson, vice chairperson and an Executive to the "Zionist Executive" 
whose job is to run the day-to-day affairs of the World Zionist Organization in Israel and the Diaspora. 
The Executive is the managerial institution of the WZO and is committed to carrying out the decisions 
of the Zionist Congress and Zionist General Council, and answers to them.

The Zionist Executive operates through:

The Department for Diaspora Activities, the Department for Zionist Activities in Israel and Combatting against Antisemitism, Education Department, Department for Zionist Operations, Department for Aliyah Promotion, Center for Religious Affairs in the Diaspora; and the Settlement Division.

Report on activities of the Zionist Executive:

The Zionist Executive submits a report to the Zionist General Council on the activities of its various 
departments. In addition, the Executive decides and oversees agreements and the signing of written 
contracts and other documents that pertain to the World Zionist Organization.