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My home is your home

Dear brothers and sisters,

We thank you and appreciate that you are interested in opening your heart and home to families who have become refugees in their own country.

Your commitment is heartwarming and not taken for granted.

The World Zionist Organization together with the association "Open Doors" mobilized for a national and Zionist goal of the highest order: to find a home (even if temporary) for families from the south and the north, who currently need peace, security, and their own space as part of the recovery, rehabilitation, and mourning process.

To date, more than 170 Israelis and Jews from all over the world have already opened their hearts and homes to us, giving us vacant apartments they own in order to house families for three months, until a permanent solution is found.

If only you could see the faces of the parents, the smiles of the children, and the appreciation the families feel towards the donors, whose homes and generosity help and ease the suffering of the terrible horror they experienced.

We understand the concerns and difficulties in opening your home to a family you do not know; therefore, we undertake full responsibility for the process of handing over the apartment and guarantee to return it to you in the same state it was delivered in.

The World Zionist Organization commits to you that we will take care of the apartment, furnish it if necessary, pay for the water, gas, and electricity bills for three months, insure the property, and return it to you clean and in good condition at the end of the period.

To ensure this, the World Zionist Organization will sign a contract with you, and with the tenants. This way you will know that the apartment is in good hands and that you are providing a roof for a family whose world has been turned upside down.

So, if you have an apartment (empty or furnished) that you can give to a displaced family for a minimum period of three months, we invite you to register for this unique project.

Please note: Currently, the requests we are receiving from families are mainly for apartments that answer the following criteria:

1. Have a bomb shelter in or within 2-3 stories from the apartment.

2. The apartments are in the Sharon, Merkaz, Haifa or Jerusalem areas.

We are thankful for any housing offers, but please understand that we might be unable to find a family for apartments that don't have the criteria above.

All the details about the project and how to register are further down this page or email us at

We will contact you directly as soon as we find a suitable family for your apartment.

May we be able to rejoice in the building of our country and our homeland,

The World Zionist Organization

  • Who is the World Zionist Organization?

    The World Zionist Organization is an organization founded by Benjamin Ze'ev Herzl. Its headquarters are in Jerusalem, but it operates worldwide. You can read about the activities of the World Zionist Organization on the official website.

    The World Zionist Organization established an initiative that, on the one hand, deals with locating the families who lost their homes, together with the local authorities in the south and in the north, and on the other hand, works with Jews abroad who own apartments in Israel.

  • How does the process exactly work?

    Those who wish to offer their apartment will sign a contract with the World Zionist Organization. The contract itself will detail the commitment of the World Zionist Organization to ensure the return of the apartment in the same condition that it was delivered. 

    At the same time, The World Zionist Organization will sign a contract with the family, in which it will define the length of the period proposed for the use of the apartment and the commitment to return the apartment in the same condition as the family received it.

  • What is the proposed length of the housing arrangement?

    We are proposing a minimum period of three months and a maximum period of one year.

  • Will there be a contact person throughout the period?

    A representative of the World Zionist Organization will be the contact person between the guest family and the owner of the property if necessary. If you have a management company that manages the property for you, we will be happy for the dealings to be directly between the guest family and the management company. If there is no management company, the World Zionist Organization will set up a management company that will take care of the ongoing maintenance and deal with all problems as they arise.

  • What is the handover procedure for the apartment?

    Immediately after signing the contracts with the apartment owner and the guest family, a representative of the World Zionist Organization will meet the guest family and, if necessary, will meet also with the representative of the management company that handles your apartment to carry out an orderly handover procedure. At the time of the handover of the apartment, a protocol will be signed in which the manner of use of the apartment will be defined and photos of the apartment will be taken before delivery, and immediately upon returning the apartment, the apartment will be returned to the property owner in accordance with the conditions detailed in the handover protocol. 

  • Who will pay for gas, water, electricity and Arnona?

    Gas, water, and electricity will paid either by the property owner or the WZO (at the discretion of the property owner). The Arnona will be paid by the property owner.

  • How to join the initiative? 

    To join the initiative fill out the following form.  A representative of the World Zionist Organization will contact you.

  • Can I be in direct contact with my guests?

    Yes, for sure. We are interested in establishing direct contact between the owner of the apartment and the guest family.

  • How to contact the project's service center

    For further questions contact us by phone: +972-2-620-4333