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Donation Center Activity for Soldiers and Residents of the South

December 21th - 27th 2023

B’nai B’rith’s Donation

B’nai B’rith’s Donation to the IDF Soldiers in Cooperation with the World Zionist Organization's Donation Center.
The B’nai B’rith organization donated 200 coats to IDF infantry units. The donation is a small part of its efforts to provide aid to soldiers and civilians on the frontlines in Israel since the Black Shabbat on October 7th and the war that broke out.

The donation is a gift from Honorary President Charles (Chuck) Kaufman, the B’nai B’rith representative in the World Zionist Organization's management.

Embracing our IDF Soldiers with Love 

The World Zionist Organization’s mobile shower caravans continue to move between the various areas in the north and south. The soldiers enjoy hot showers in the heart of the conflict areas. The many thanks and heartfelt appreciation do not stop coming.

Donation Center

The World Zionist Organization’s donation center keeps on giving! This week we sent softshell coats to army soldiers serving their mandatory service in the Gaza Strip and on the northern border.

December 13th - 20th 2023

The Donation Center

The World Zionist Organization’s donation center continues to provide soldiers and evacuees with equipment.

Recently, life-saving devices for the treatment of the wounded were provided to the medical company of the 162nd Division currently in Gaza following the appeal of Captain Dr. Ray Bitton to the Center.

The head of the Department for Social Activism and Tikkun Olam visited the soldiers and received a thank you video from them. Watch>>

December 6th 2023 - December 12th 2023

Donation Center
The World Zionist Organization’s donation center, together with the Herzl Center team, trainees of the Ruach Nachon Preparatory program and the ‘Shinua Chevrati’ organization, set out in an operation to sort and pack donations of new and high-quality clothing for the communities that were evacuated from their homes.

Donation Center

  • With the outbreak of the war, we immediately opened an activity headquarters at the Herzl Center for institutional donations designed to resolve the needs of the IDF, the victims of the Gaza Envelope and the Israeli public following the terrible events that befell us. Since we established the center, we have made sure to find significant solutions to the needs that have arisen from the field and to provide an answer to the many applicants who have contacted us, through the workers of the World Zionist Organization who man it.
  • As part of our work, we collected donations and took it upon ourselves to help organizations abroad transport the donations they send to Israel, to match temporarily donated apartments to the families of the evacuees for several months, as well as the transfer of packages from parents abroad to their children, the lone soldiers, serving in the field without an address.
  • The center established by the World Zionist Organization continues to operate at full capacity. During the last week, a lot of equipment was collected for the security forces including: mattresses, advanced life-saving medical equipment, headlamps, chargers, winter equipment and more. This week, in addition to the volunteer team of the World Zionist Organization employees, disabled workers also joined as a part of the desire and effort that the World Zionist Organization makes to integrate people with disabilities into the organization.
  • So far, we have invested over 1.5 million NIS in the purchase of equipment such as mattresses, thermal clothing items, portable chargers, headlamps, batteries, shoes, portable ultrasound scanners for doctors on the battlefield, laser pointers, food for animals, hot meals, craft supplies for children, wardrobes and more.
  • The center's activity has entered into a working routine and the team works simultaneously to meet the needs that arise every day and make proactive purchases. Some of the things they do includes gathering essential equipment for the soldiers, distributing equipment to about a thousand soldiers and members of standby units, such as flashlights and chargers, abdominal bandages, tourniquets, thermal clothing, storm suits, blood pressure monitors for field use and equipment for the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council. Furthermore, doctor's bags for the emergency rooms, cabinets for evacuees from the evacuated settlements and equipment for the settlement of Nitzan’s center, which is in the regional council but was not evacuated, were also purchased.
  • Laundry detergent and fabric softener were supplied for six washing stations set up for combat soldiers in response to the Jerusalem Border Patrol Unit’s (Magav) request. Another big project that was carried out this week was the continuation of the accompaniment of the Shaar HaNegev Regional Council who were provided with hundreds of storage cabinets, laundry baskets and equipment for Kibbutz Erez's temporary school. Alongside the institutional work, the center operates daily to find unique solutions for needs that arise such as places to stay for the volunteers who work with the children of the evacuated settlements in Eilat and the Dead Sea, delivery of civilian clothes for lone soldiers and evacuated children, mattresses for reservists in the north and more.
  • The center responds to the diverse needs and requests arising from the field. Major projects that were promoted this week included the purchase of storm suits for the navy and the units fighting in Gaza, softshells for soldiers, coffee machines and wardrobes for storing the evacuees’ clothing and doctor's bags for the emergency room for the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council. The center received many positive responses and a lot of gratitude.

My Home is Your Home

  • As a part of the mobilization for the national and Zionist cause, we continue to find temporary homes for families who were evacuated from their homes and need peace, security, and their own space. The project received an outpouring of love with commitment from hundreds of families from Israel and the Diaspora who opened their hearts and homes and gave us apartments they own in order to house families for a period of three months until a more permanent solution is found.
  • The representatives of the World Zionist Organization all over the world are working to spread information about the project among the Jewish communities in Israel and the Diaspora, as well as other projects of the organization and promotional materials to spread awareness and have more people join in the initiatives.
  • The project continues to bridge, connect and enable displaced families to reach a safe place during such a difficult time.      
  • The project is gaining momentum and despite the many details and the specific requests, both the homeowners and the tenants have been able to come to agreements that all are satisfied with and can allow the family to reach a place of safety in such a difficult time. The World Zionist Organization has also legally guaranteed that the homes will be returned as they were received. Furthermore, the country's President Yitzhak Herzog fully supports the project.

Watch the President's call to apartment owners in Israel from Diaspora Jews to participate in this important project.

Watch President Herzog's video:

For more details and to sign up: My home is your home

Surrounding our IDF soldiers with Love

  • Our soldiers have been in the assembly areas around the clock for weeks. They miss home, a hot meal and a good shower. The World Zionist Organization sends two teams made up of volunteers daily to both the north and the south with portable showers to the assembly areas to provide the soldiers with a few minutes of refreshment and make them feel good. This is in addition to the “War Room” (Hamal) which takes care of sending them packages from home, equipment, clothing and hot food.
  • The portable showers entered Gaza this week and offered soldiers hot showers in the field - for the first time in a month! Our portable shower caravan is equipped and ready for a long-term operation to give the soldiers the refreshment they need inside Gaza, while another caravan is used by the reserve soldiers in the north. During the ceasefire, the southern convoy managed to enter Gaza and provide the soldiers with hot showers. The project received wide publicity and the appreciation for the showers keeps on coming!