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Activities in Israel and Countering Antisemitism

Archive 2015 - 2020

The Department was established to strengthen Jewish-Zionist identity among Israelis. It has also been charged with positioning the World Zionist Organization as the international umbrella organization in the struggle against Anti-Semitism and manifestations of hatred against Jews and the State of Israel.

To counter the erosion in identification with Zionist ideals on the part of Israeli teenagers, coupled with a growing inclination on the part of some to leave the country, the Department has determined that the enhancement of public discussion on Zionism among Israelis shall be one of its major goals.

To further these goals, the Department oversees a number of bodies that operate a multiplicity of programs aimed at reinforcing Zionist values within diverse populations throughout Israel.

Main Projects of the Department of Activities in Israel and Countering Antisemitism Between the years 2015 - 2020

  • app

    Zionet – The New Zionism App

    From Herzl to Neta Barzilai. Zionet is a free cellular appellation that contains an innovative and user-friendly information database intended for anyone connected to the State of Israel
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  • The Zionist calendar on your mobile!

    The Zionist calendar on your mobile!

    With a simple click you will get a calendar on your mobile phone, a variety of events and figures from the Zionist world, which shaped the landscape of our homeland
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  • virtual event

    Share the Light - Hanukah 2020

    In light of the COVID-19 pandemic that has left millions of Jews closed in their homes in both Israel and in the Diaspora, we at the World Zionist Organization have decided to celebrate the 2020 Hanukkah holiday in a slightly different way. As part of the "Or Eitan – Share the Light" project of the Ministry of Digital Affairs and the WZO, we have created a unique virtual platform, where Jews from all over the world submitted their Hanukkah photos and shared them on social media.
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  • L'Shana Tova

    L'Shana Tova

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  • San Remo Conference 100th anniversary

    San Remo Conference 100th anniversary

    Exactly 100 years ago the leaders of the victorious Allied Powers in World War I complied with the demands of the World Zionist Organization and acknowledged the rights of the Jewish people to an independent state in the Land of Israel.
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  • Jerusalem Day Tour invitation

    Jerusalem Day Tour

    Live Jerusalem Day tour to commemorate the reunification of Jerusalem and development of Israel’s capital since the Six Day War Hosted by the B’nai B’rith World Center-Jerusalem and the World Zionist Organization
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  • Herzl Beyond the Parochet (Curtain)

    Herzl Beyond the Parochet (Curtain)

    Article by Yaakov Hagoel, Vice Chairman of the World Zionist Organization
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  • banner

    Competitive Trivia in honor of Jerusalem Day

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  • באנר של מחנה ציונות על גלגלים

    Zionism on Wheels

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  • video - Mah Nishtana?

    Mah Nishtana?

    One clip from all over the world! Singing together from all over the world and wishing you - Happy Passover!
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  • 36 Kushiot for Passover Seder

    36 Kushiot for Passover Seder

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  • Zoom Lecture with Boaz Bismuth and Yaakov Hagoel

    Zoom Lecture with Boaz Bismuth and Yaakov Hagoel

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  • sign of no more hatered no more anti-semitism

    No More Hatred, No More Anti-Semitism!

    On Sunday, March 10, 2019, local activists and Jewish community members gathered in ten locations around the world, bearing signs calling for an end to the hatred. The Israeli rally took place in the plaza of the National Institutions Building.
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  • Event in honor of fighters of the underground movements

    Event in honor of fighters of the underground movements

    As part of events marking Israel’s 70th anniversary, an evening was held in honor of the fighters of the underground movements, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Department for Israel and Countering Antisemitism.
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  • Zinati honor event

    Event in honor of Ms. Margalit Zinati

    The Department organized a special event for Ms. Margalit Zinati, in honor of her being chosen to light a torch in the main ceremony on Mount Herzl during Israel’s 70th anniversary celebrations.
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  • Selichot Event on Mount Herzl - September 2018

    Selichot Event on Mount Herzl - September 2018

    קראו עוד
  • The declaration of independence hall

    The declaration of independence

    On the occasion of Israel’s 70th anniversary celebrations, the World Zionist Organization and the Ministry for Jerusalem and Heritage re-enacted the declaration of independence ceremony that took place on May 14, 1948 in Tel Aviv.
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  • a pre-army academy founded at MASA 70 project

    Masa 70 Project

    The Department for Israel and Countering Antisemitism, in cooperation with Amichai Mechina – a pre-army academy founded by the Zionist Council in Israel – joined the MASA 70 project, a march in the form of a relay race that started out simultaneously toward Jerusalem from the Roaring Lion Monument at Tel Hai and the Ink Flag in Eilat.
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  • people standing near a big radio

    Ladies and Gentlemen, history returns !

    To commomorate 70 years since November 29th, the day on which the United Nations voted on the establishment of a Jewish state in the land of Israel, we invite you to recreate the famous picture which shows people listening to the radio during one of the most decisive moments in our people’s history, during the United Nations vote.
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  • Video at Times Square

    Celebrating 70 years since November 29th

    This was a huge event, the first of its kind, that took place in Times Square in New York City to mark 70 years since November 29th.
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  • dancing hora in Jerusalem

    November 29th recreation event

    70 years after the UN had officially recognized the right of the Jewish people to a Jewish state at the land of Israel, over 1,000 people recreated the moment of announcement in 1947 with a dance of hora. The event took place at the National Institutions Building in Jerusalem and included a screening on the building’s façade of an innovative video-art presentation depicting the UN vote.
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  • An event to commemorate 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.
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  • Ben-Gurion Zionism exhibition1

    Events to commemorate 120th anniversary of the First Zionist Congress

    To commemorate the 120th anniversary of the First Zionist Congress, WZO initiated a series of events
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  • Congress hall

    The Israeli Zionist Congress

    The Department for Israel in cooperation with the Education Department organized the 2017 Israeli Zionist Congress to mark the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration and the 120th anniversary of the First Zionist Congress.
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  • L'caim Yerushalayim!

    L'caim Yerushalayim!

    The "L'chaim Yerushalyim" program of the World Zionist Organization, from May 21-28, 2017, brought hundreds of young unaffiliated Jews from communities around the world to celebrate with us the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem
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  • TV show

    The Zionism and Heritage Quiz

    The World Zionist Quiz is a unique project which connects communities, groups, families and individuals from all over Israel and the Jewish world over a six-month period, culminating in the exciting finals, which are broadcast on national television on Israel’s Independence Day.
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  • Youth congress participants

    The 36th Annual Zionist Congress for Youth

    The Israel Department’s 36th Zionist Congress for youth took place in Emek Hamaayanot in the north of Israel. Hundreds of youth from all of Israel took part in the congress
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  • conference program

    Countering Anti-Semitism Conferences in Israel

    Every January as part of the events for International Remembrance Day for Holocaust Victims, the department is holding conferences focusing on countering anti-semitism.
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  • events around the world

    Countering anti-Semitism seminars around the world

    .The Department holds countering antisemitism seminars and conferences around the world
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  • holding the star of David

    Monitoring Antisemitism Worldwide

    A dedicated website that regularly documents and updates antisemitic incidents and anything related to antisemitism around the world.
  • sign

    Singing for World Health

    Virtual mass prayer and song gathering
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