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The Zionist calendar on your mobile!

A Zionist calander app that synchronizes with the regular calendar on cell phone. The calendar features historic and significant events, dates of birth and death for prominent figures who helped shape the Zionist movement and Israel, and other holidays from the Jewish calendar. For example, on the Zionist Calendar you can find events such as the death of the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, as well as happier occasions, such as Maccabi Tel Aviv winning the European championship, as well as the founding of the Hebrew Gymnasia, the date of the Balfour Declaration, and more.

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    With a simple click you will get a calendar on your mobile phone, a variety of events and figures from the Zionist world, which shaped the landscape of our homeland
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    Con un simple clic, obtendr? un calendario en su tel?fono m?vil, una variedad de eventos y figuras del mundo sionista, que dieron forma al paisaje de nuestra patria
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    Par un simple clic, les divers ?v?nements et personnalit?s du monde sioniste, qui ont fa?onn? le paysage de notre patrie, seront directement incorpor?s dans le calendrier de votre portable