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Yishai Merling

  • Yishai Merling

    Yishai Merling

    Head of The Settlement Division
    Political party: World Likud

Yishai Merling, grew up in Elazar and currently lives in Efrat. He is married to Dikla and has four children.

He performed his military service as a soldier in the Nahal Brigade. He is a fighter in active reserve duty and took part in Operation Pillar of Cloud and Operation Protective Edge. 

Until recently, he served as the founder and director of a software company in the field of information systems.

Merling is the founder and chairman of Likudim, the Likud National Forum. Over the years, the forum has passed dozens of Likud’s laws and resolutions, including the Likud Center's decision on sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, which was passed by a majority of votes.

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