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My Home is Your Home

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are incredibly grateful to you for opening your hearts and homes to the families who became refugees in their own country. Your kindness is meaningful and not taken for granted.

The World Zionist Organization together with the "Open Doors" organization mobilized for a national and Zionist goal of finding homes (even temporarily) for families from the north and south who currently need peace, security, and their own space as part of the recovery, rehabilitation and mourning process.

To date, more than 170 Israelis and Jews from the Diaspora have opened their hearts and homes to us, giving us empty apartments they own in order to house families for three months until a permanent solution is found for them.

If only you could see the faces of the mothers and fathers, the smiles of the children and the words of thanks the families have for the donors who opened their hearts and doors and whose donations are helping ease the suffering of families who experienced the horrors firsthand.

We understand the concerns and difficulties in lending a house to a family you don't know, which is why the World Zionist Organization undertook full responsibility for the process of handing over the apartment to the families and returning it to the owners in the same way it was delivered.

You are welcome to watch videos and read stories about the project.

May we be able to rejoice in the building of our country and our homeland.
The World Zionist Organization