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About the Department

The Department for Israel and Holocaust Commemoration Worldwide was founded as a part of the need to strengthen the Jewish-Zionist identity among Israelis and Jewish communities around the world. Based on this premise, the department strives for the realization of Zionism by promoting Jewish-Israeli education, fostering liberal democratic values ​​and promoting Jewish and Israeli culture.

The department works to position the World Zionist Organization as an international umbrella organization for strengthening Jewish Israel identity and for shaping the collective historical memory of the Holocaust in Israel and around the world. This is achieved by promoting the commemoration and preservation of the memory of the Holocaust while empowering the Holocaust survivors and placing them at the forefront, following the understanding that their numbers are decreasing. We additionally emphasize a connection between the younger generations to the memory of the Holocaust to ensure this.

The department partners in many projects that promote a model society and help strengthen social resilience and civil society in Israel. The department also works to promote leadership and civic and community involvement to strengthen the Jewish-Israeli identity and integrate populations with special needs.