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Bridge to Israel

We are happy and excited to announce the launch of a new program: "Bridge to Israel". This new project is a partnership between the large Jewish youth organization NCSY and the Diaspora Department. Together we will work to create a program to strengthen the connection between Israel and young people in the San Francisco Bay area.

Anyone who knows the USA knows that the Bay area is one of the most creative and pro-entrepreneurship regions of the country. However, it is also one of the most challenging places in relation to support and connection to Israel. That is why we chose to start the project precisely in this tough and special region, and we are building a program that will connect entrepreneurship with a strong pro-Israeli and Zionist approach.

The program will deepen the participants’ connection to Israel through a variety of innovative and creative activities and will produce in-depth educational processes.

To officially launch the program, Diaspora Department head Nerya Meir met with the directors of the joint program in Jerusalem - Rabbi Derek Gormin, Director of the Western region for NCSY, and Rabbi Akiva Neiman, Director of the San Francisco region of NCSY, and Tuvia Chertok from the Diaspora Department.

Nerya Meir with "Gesher to Israel" freinds