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Yaron Shavit

Married to Michal, High school principal & educator, 3 children + 1 Naale Student.

Residence Mevaseret Zion.

I was born and raised in Hod Hasharon Israel, and attended high school there.

After 2 terms as Chairman of the Board at my congregation KMZ in Mevaseret Zion, I was elected in June 2010 to serve as the Chairman of the Reform Movement in Israel, and served 2 terms as the chair of the IMPJ.

Professionally, I am an active attorney since 1986. I acted 12 years as the Managing Director of a mid-size TLV law firm, and I am one of the first attorneys who dealt and specialized in commercial issues relating to Computer law, High Tech, Software, IP-related rights, commercial litigation, business law, tender law, corporation Law, Torts & Insurance.

I earned my bachelor's degree - LLB at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1985). In addition, I have a master's degree - LLM from Bar-Ilan University (2003). Yaron served as a paralegal at the Jerusalem District Court and at the Jerusalem District Attorney's office.

I have been a member of the Zionist Executive, and JAFI BOG since 2006 representing ARZENU, I am also an active member and volunteer in the reform congregation at my congregation in Mevaseret Zion, where We live.

I served 10 years as a member of the WUPJ EB since 2010 and MC (Vice Chair – Israel) since 2012.

I was elected to the position of the President of the last Zionist Congress in Oct. 2020.

I served as an officer in the IDF Tank core officers' cadet school and ended his regular military service as a lieutenant. I continued in the IDF in the Tank core as a company commander, regiment commander, Brigade Chief of Staff and Division Chief of Staff and am at present a Colonel in his reserve duty within the IDF Central Command.