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Silvina Sosna

  • Silvina Sosna

    Silvina Sosna

    Organization: The World Association for Progressive Judaism

Silvina Sosna is a member of the Zionist Executive. She immigrated to Israel in the year 1984 from Argentina.

Silvina has vast experience in leading and managing communal and Zionistic operational strategies. She worked at the Jewish Agency for many years, where she began a field position as a dispatcher of the Department of Aliyah and Absorption. She eventually went on to manage projects, a division, and the unit for aliyah, rescue and absorption.

She then served as the director of the Jerusalem Rape and Sexual Assault Victims Assistance Center, leading a social change in the area of sexual assault and human rights.

Today, she advises and accompanies senior managers in dealing with crises, meeting professional goals and setting action plans.

Silvina is an alumnus of the Hebrew University, having received her degree in education and specializing in psychology. She is certified in personal counseling for executives from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

Silvina is married to Yitzhak and has two children, Neta and Nadav, and two grandchildren, Liad and Shalev.