Zionist Federation

Under the Zionist Constitution, a Zionist Federation, “...shall be the instrument...with whom the [Zionist] Executive shall carry out the tasks and duties imposed upon it…” In practice, Territorial Zionist Federations function as umbrella organizations for all Zionist bodies in a particular country and provide a forum in which to discuss strategies, programming and budgets for Zionist activity.

As the World Zionist Organization is responsible for overseeing Zionist programming and projects in Israel and around the world, the Territorial Zionist Federations play an integral role in the facilitation and implementation of Zionist activity in the Diaspora. In the Diaspora, Zionist Federations are responsible for administering the elections to the Zionist Congress.

In order to ensure elections are conducted in a democratic manner, each Federation sets up a Regional Election Committee to oversee and implement the election process. The Regional Election Committees are comprised of representatives from each of the member organizations in the Zionist Federation.

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