Keren Hayesod

Founded in 1920, Keren Hayesod is the official fundraising organization for the State of Israel outside of the United States. In its early years, with the help of donations raised throughout the Jewish world, Keren Hayesod brought tens of thousands of Jews fleeing Europe to Eretz Yisrael, helped absorb them, established over 900 urban and rural settlements while providing the newcomers with homes and jobs, and developed the economic, industrial, educational, and cultural base of the nascent state.

Today, Keren Hayesod works in close cooperation with the Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency on projects intended to strengthen Israel’s peripheral communities, to facilitate Aliyah and to advance Zionist and Jewish education in the Diaspora.

Keren Hayesod works to raise funds to provide urgent needs for communities in Israel affected by terrorism or war. Such fundraising efforts are exemplary of Keren Hayesod’s level of readiness to rally the global community around causes that require immediate action.