2nd day - Wednesday | Oct. 21, 2020 | 3 Heshvan 5781




Plenary Session No. 5 | Chair: Mr. David Reuben

Report of the Chairman of the Zionist Executive, Mr. Avraham Duvdevani on activities of the WZO in the Inter-Congress Period

Mount Herzl - As Never Seen Before


Plenary Session No. 6a  | Chair: Ms. Karina Sapolinski

Symposium: "From Crisis to Opportunity"

Opening Address: Jewish Agency Chairman, Isaac Herzog

Moderator: Ms. Sivan Rahav-Meir

Participants: Rabbi Yisrael Lau | Amb. David Melech Friedman | Dr. Ruth Calderon | Prof. Amnon Shashua

Plenary Session No. 6b | Chair: Mr. Albert Levy

Symposium: "From Crisis to Opportunity"

Opening Address: Minister of Aliyah and Integration, Ms. Pnina Tamano-Shata

Moderator: Ms. Dana Weiss

Participants: Prof. Dan Arieli | Rabbi Sergio Bergman | Mr. Malcolm Hoenlein | Dr. Kira Radinsky

Plenary Session No. 7 | Chair: Mr. Fabio Rosenfeld

A security overview and the IDF and the coronavirus challenge, Commander of the Homefront Command, Major General Uri Gordin