Participants in the Zionist Congress convene in order to engage in dialogue regarding matters of concern to Israel, the Jewish People and the Zionist Movement. At the Congress, Delegates debate and vote on resolutions and constitutional amendmendments intended to improve the ability of the National Institutions to meet the challenges that have been identified. These discussions take place in a variety of committees, the recommendations of which are voted upon by the entire assembly (click here to see the resolutions and constitutional amendments submitted for deliberation at the 38th Zionist Congress).

The Congress is also charged with determining WZO policy and its budget for the following year. Additionally, the Congress assembly elects the Chairman of the Zionist Executive, the Vice-Chairman, the members of the Zionist Executive, the members of the Zionist General Council and their deputies, the President of the Zionist Supreme Court, the Attorney of the World Zionist Organization and the Comptroller.

Finally, the ideological groupings formed by the Congress delegates also impact on the selection of officers in Israel’s National Institutions.