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  • Partners Statments

    • Statement by the Chairman of the World Zionist Organization - Mr. Yaakov Hagoel

    • Statement by the Minister of the Diaspora and Combating Antisemitism - Mr. Amichai Shikli

    • Statement by the Executive Director of the Ruderman Family Foundation - Mrs. Shira Ruderman

    • Statement by the Deputy Director and Head of the Commemoration and Heritage Families Division of the Ministry of Defense - Mr. Aryeh Moalem


About the Partners

World Zionist Organization

The World Zionist Organization is committed to promoting Zionism through Zionist ideas and the Zionist enterprise by educating about Israel as vital and positive elements of contemporary Jewish life in accordance with the principles articulated in the Jerusalem Program. This manifesto is dedicated to instilling the centrality of Israel and Jerusalem its capital deep within Jewish consciousness, encouraging the return to Zion, creating an exemplary society in the Jewish state, expanding Zionist education including Hebrew language learning, settling the land, and combating Anti-Semitism.

Ruderman Family Foundation

The Ruderman Family Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation established in 2002 in the United States and managed by the Ruderman family. The Foundation works in the United States and Israel to strengthen the connection between the State of Israel and the Jewish community in the United States and promoting strategic philanthropy. Until 2020 it also worked to integrate people with disabilities into society.

In the field of Israel-American Jewry relations, the Foundation focuses on strengthening the sense of mutual commitment between the State of Israel and the Jewish communities in the United States. The Foundation works to increase awareness and disseminate quality and trusted knowledge to the Israeli public about the Jewish community in the United States, to promote and develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the needs, successes and challenges facing American Jews. The Ruderman Family Foundation sees American Jewry as a strategic asset for the State of Israel and a significant part of the prosperity of the Jewish people as a whole.

The Ruderman Family Foundation strives to act as a strategic catalyst in the arenas in which it has chosen to intervene, in cooperation with the state, civil society, the private sector and philanthropy, without political affiliation and out of values of social justice, equality and world correction. The mission of the Foundation is to lead to the creation of a commitment of the leadership and the Israeli public, which will lead to joint action and strengthen the connection between the two largest Jewish communities in the world.

The Ministry for Diaspora Affairs and Combating Antisemitism

The Ministry for Diaspora Affairs and Combating Antisemitism joins together three significant national tasks: one engages with strengthening Jewish identity and the connection to the State of Israel in the Diaspora; the second engages with combating the rising antisemitism worldwide; and the third engages with the efforts to combat delegitimization against the State of Israel on various levels.

Bringing the three efforts under one roof is no coincidence. There is a close connection between the various efforts despite each of them utilizing different unique strategies. They all share one vision which aims to establish the State of Israel as a Jewish-democratic power, with a strong international status that constitutes security and a source of inspiration and pride for the Jews of the world.

The Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of Defense is a key partner in the maintenance of national security and its development. Its contributions include designing national security goals, assisting in strengthening the IDF, in the maintaining and cultivating research and development in the field of defensive technologies and promoting the defense industries and their employees.

The unit for commemorating soldiers at the Department of Families and Commemoration is the state’s body that handles the commemoration of the victims of Israel's security forces and their legacies. The unit is responsible for organizing the ceremonies on Israel’s Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel's Wars and Victims of Acts of Terrorism in the cemeteries and monuments scattered throughout the country. They also assist with commemorative ceremonies throughout the year at the Memorial Hall and the soldiers' ceremonies in the IDF.

In addition, the unit that commemorates the soldiers holds many diverse commemorative programs with the aim of commemorating the fallen and instilling their stories as a legacy for future generations. All of the people who fell on behalf of the State of Israel are commemorated on the "Yizkor" website, where their names, the date they fell and their place of burial appears.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel deals with the formulation of the government's foreign policy and its implementation, and advocates for Israel by managing the State of Israel's international relations.

The Ministry represents Israel before foreign governments and international organizations, strives to promote economic, cultural and scientific relations and promotes cooperation with developing countries.

It also serves as a central tool in fostering ties with the Jewish communities in the Diaspora.
The Ministry operates in several centers: through the main office located in Kiryat HaLeum in Jerusalem, and through Israeli missions outside of Israel such as embassies and consulates.