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Wednesday | 19/04/2023 | 

10:00 AM - Opening of Registration
11:00 AM - Meeting of the Congress Presidium
12:00 AM - Recess and Light Lunch

1:00 PM - Plenary Session No. 1 – Opening Plenary
Chair: Rabbi Alan Silverstein
Vice Chair: Ms. Ronita Tabib
Ms. Annabelle Yuval, Congress Elder
Ms. Tova Dorfman, President, World Zionist Organization
“In Memoriam”
Adv. Yaron Shavit, President of the Congress
Mr. Steven Stav, Main points of the Report by the Comptroller of the World Zionist Organization
“Honorary Fellows”
Mr. Yaakov Hagoel, Chairman, World Zionist Organization

2:30 PM - “Zionism in Action”*- Round I 
3:45 PM - “Zionism in Action”* -  Round II

4:00 PM - Constitution Committee
Chair: Mr. Gabriel Alejandro Gorenstein
Vice Chair: Dr. Arieh Azoulay
Secretary: Mr. Ariel Chesner
Interpretation: Hebrew, English

5:00 PM - Congress Committee Meetings (Admission for Committee Members only)

Committee #1 – The Israel Declaration of Independence and The Jerusalem Program

Chair: Mr. Abraham Elarar
Vice Chair: Ms. Sondra Sokal
Secretary: Mr. Dor Zvikelsky
Interpretation: Hebrew, English

Committee #2 – Aliyah and the Law of Return

Chair: MK Oded Forer
Vice Chair: US Congressman, Sander Levin
Secretary: Ms. Rotem Yehoshua
Interpretation: Hebrew, English, Russian

Committee #3 – Internal and External Strengthening the State of Israel and in Diaspora communities

Chair: Mr. Alain Wahba
Vice Chair: Mr. Nati Amsalem
Secretary: Mr. Eyal Ostrinsky
Interpretation: Hebrew, English, Spanish, French

Committee #4 – Diversity in the Zionist Movement

Chair: Mr. David Dortmont
Vice Chair: Mr. Yaakov Menken
Secretary: Ms. Sarit Handknopf
Interpretation: Hebrew, English, Spanish

Committee #5 – Shoah Commemoration and Combatting Antisemitism

Chair: Prof. Ariel Feldestein
Vice Chair: Ms. Yaara Di Segni
Secretary: Mr. Lior Elimelech
Interpretation: Hebrew, English

Committee #6

Chair: Rabba Lea Muehlstein
Vice Chair: Ms. Milagro Magid
Secretary: Mr. Eran Berkowich
Interpretation: Hebrew, English

7:00 PM - Joint Dinner for Delegates & 125 Entrepreneurs from the
Herzl Forum for innovation
7:00 PM - Resolution Proposals Drafting Committee
8:30 PM - Gala Evening – Opening of the Extraordinary Congress

* Film, play, discussion, presentation in 3D - you choose which of the WZO programs you would like to participate in. An opportunity to get to know and experience a variety of programs offered by the departments of the WZO.

Thursday | 20/04/2023 | 

- Breakfast at the Hotel
9:00 AM - Plenary Session No. 2 – 125 Years of Zionism: The Role of the Zionist Federations in the 21st Century
Chair: Ms. Limor Foker
Vice Chair: Mr. Frederick Norman
Panel moderated by Ms. Gusti Yehoshua-Braverman – Head, Department for Irgun and Connection with Israelis Abroad, with panelists:
Ms. Deborah Isaac – Chair, American Zionist Movement
Mr. Jeremy Liebler – Chair, Zionist Federation of Australia
Ms. Karina Spolinsky – Vice Chair, Zionist Federation of Uruguay
Mr. Rowan Polovin – Chair, South African Zionist Federation

10:30 AM - Program Options (subject to advance registration)
Participation in the Zionist Youth Congress
Fact-finding Tours of Jerusalem

2:30 PM - Meetings of Congress Groupings
Joint Faction – (Likud, Shas, Eretz Hakodesh) 
Mizrachi, Beytenu Olami, Herut, Derech Eretz, AFI, Lavi 
Atid Letzionut – (Yesh Atid, Meretz)
United Faction – (MERCAZ Olami, ARZENU) 
Blue & White – Labor (Hosen Yisrael, Over the Rainbow, Labor) 

3:30 PM - Plenary Session No. 3 – Tribute to Avraham Duvdevani (Duvdev)
Chair: Rabbi Avi Weiss
Vice Chair: Ms. Marian Bernheim

4:00 PM - Plenary Session No. 4 – Adoption of Resolutions Plenary
Chair: Rabbi Steve Burg
Vice Chair: Mr. Zeev Neuman

6:30 PM - Dinner
7:30 PM - Departure for “Celebrating Zionism” Event
8:30 PM - “Celebrating Zionism” – Event in the Presence of The President of the State of Israel and the Chairman of the World Zionist Organization at the National Institutions Square

Friday | 21/04/2023 | 

- Breakfast at the Hotel
8:30 AM - Gathering at ICC
8:45 AM - Plenary Session No. 5 – The Israel Declaration of Independence
Chair: Dr. Danny Lamm
Vice Chair: Ms. Jane Gurevich
The Israel Declaration of Independence, History of its Formulation – Prof. Ariel Feldestein
My Israel Declaration of Independence (TED Talks):
The author, David Grossman
Mr. David Yaari
Adv. Liz Berney
Mr. Oren Zukerman
Rabbi Yuval Cherlow

9:15 AM - Recess
9:30 AM - Moderated Round Table Discussions – Round I
10:30 AM - Moderated Round Table Discussions (ctd.) – Round II
11:45 AM - Plenary Session No. 6 – Closing Plenary

Chair: Ms. Nomi Colton Max
Vice Chair: Ms. Daryl Messinger
Ms. Gusti Yehoshua-Braverman, Executive Member entrusted with the Congress
Summary of the Congress
Mr. Yaakov Hagoel, Chairman, World Zionist Organization

12:30 PM - Light Lunch

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