The Composition of the Zionist Congress

Approximately 75% of the delegates to the Zionist Congress are voted in through democratic elections. Zionist activists from the Diaspora can stand for election either as independent candidates or as members of a Zionist World Union. The Territorial Zionist Federations (e.g., the Zionist Federation of France) are responsible for holding elections to the Zionist Congress in the Diaspora and altogether. Elections to the Congress held in the Diaspora account for 173 of the 525 elected delegates to the Zionist Congress.

In Israel, elections to Knesset constitute elections to the Zionist Congress. For example, if in the last elections to the Knesset prior to the Zionist Congress one of Israel’s Zionist political parties wins 30% of the vote, that party is entitled to name 30% of Israel’s delegates to the Zionist Congress. In total, Israel will send 200 delegates to the 38th Zionist Congress.

In addition to the delegates voted in through elections, there are 11 international Zionist organizations that send a fixed number of delegates to the Zionist Congress. Cumulatively, these “special status organizations” will send approximately 230 delegates to the 38th Congress.