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Raheli Baratz - Rix

  • Raheli Baratz - Rix

    Raheli Baratz - Rix

    Head of the Department for Combatting Antisemitism and Enhancing Resilience
    Political party: Kahol Lavan

Raheli Baratz - Rix serves as Head of the Department for Combatting Antisemitism and Enhancing Resilience.

Raheli is an alumna of the Zionist Youth Council, in which framework she participated in youth delegations to CIS countries.

She is a former participant in the IDF's Atuda (academic reserve) program and holds an M.Sc degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Environment and Natural Resources. She completed an educational leadership development program at the Mandel Leadership Institute, where she wrote her final paper on the ideological resilience of IDF soldiers.

Raheli served as an IDF officer for 15 years in a variety of posts. Among other things, she leveraged numerous educational programs on 

marine environment protection, for which she received the Shield of the Minister of Environmental Protection. 

Over the years, she has managed complex infrastructure projects for the IDF and for civilian construction companies.

In 2015 she published a children's book entitled A Special Brother. The book addresses educational issues relating to the siblings of children with special needs, and is written from the siblings' point of view.

Raheli is also a member of the World Jewish Congress and of the Jewish Agency Board of Governors.

To the Department for Combating Antisemitism and for Promoting Diaspora Community Resilience