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Zionist General Council

The Zionist General Council is the supreme institution of the Zionist movement in the inter-Congress period. The Zionist General Council has all powers of the Congress except for those expressly reserved for the Congress.

The Zionist General Council inspects and, in so far as necessary, decides upon the manner in which the Executive will implement the decisions of the Congress and of the Council. The Zionist General Council receives and considers the reports of the Executive.

The Zionist General Council, upon proposal of the Executive, either itself or through the Permanent Committee for Budget and Finance, decides upon all budgetary and financial matters, provided such a decision is not inconsistent with the decisions of Congress.

Should the position of a member of the Executive, a member of the Presidium or a deputy member of the Presidium fall vacant for any reason whatsoever in the inter-Congress period, the Zionist General Council elects a new member in his stead. This election is carried out at the next Session of the Zionist General Council or in the inter-Session period by mail/fax. The decision on such a vote is taken by the Presidium, in consultation with the Executive. The vote is valid if at least 50% of the Zionist General Council with voting rights participates.


Composition of the Zionist General Council

The Congress elects the members of the Council entitled to vote in accordance with the relative strength of the Groupings in Congress. Every Congress Grouping is represented on the Council by a number of members equal to one-fifth of the total number of delegates of the respective Grouping. A remainder of at least 3 as a result of such division entitles a Grouping to an additional member on the Council.


Members of the Zionist General Council

The head of the Zionist General Council is Ms. Helena Glaser.
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