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Institutions under the department's responsibility

The Department for Tikkun Olam and Social Activism are responsible for institutions that preserve and nurture the Zionist heritage and make it accessible to the general public:

The Central Zionist Archive
The Central Zionist Archive is the historical archive of the Zionist movement and its institutions. Documents documenting the history of the Zionist enterprise around the world, aliya to Israel, the expansion of settlements and the establishment of the State of Israel are kept there. The archive contains more than 90 million documents, photographs, posters, maps, treatises and journals, books, museum artifacts and records. All of these reflect the motives, difficulties and the achievements of the Zionist movement. The Department for Tikkun Olam and Social Activism works tirelessly for the preservation of the ideology and legacy of the fathers of Zionism and their work.

The Central Zionist Archive website >>

Herzl Center
The Herzl Center was established on the 100th anniversary of Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl's death, with the aim of presenting the enormous impact of his activities on contemporary reality. Visitors to the center are invited to join Herzl in his journey to Zionism, accompany him in formulating his positions, empathize with his ambitions and disappointments, understand the importance of the legacy he left behind and examine the challenges we face today. As a part of the center's ambition to make Herzl's legacy accessible and available for discourse to all, the place was designed in a young and modern spirit, using a fresh and modern language to tell us about Herzl's character as an individual and as a leader, using spectacular audio-visual and technological means.

The Herzl Center website >>