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Tachles Conversational Hebrew

Have you always wanted to learn conversational Hebrew but didn’t have time for Ulpan?
Or maybe you are simply planning a trip to the country and want to “get by”?

Tachles is the program for your community!

Tachles is a conversational Hebrew program that will teach practical, modern Hebrew for everyday
life in Israel. Sessions are taught in fun, game based, and interactive role play methods. Participants
will learn Israeli slang, how to ask questions and understand the answers, and acquire basic
vocabulary! The program is an exciting alternative to the classic classroom style of Hebrew teaching.

"What was really cool is that I now have a foundation for speaking Hebrew. When we go to Israel, we'll be able to use the words we learned when we talk to people around the country. They can also be used if we have to introduce ourselves or buy food and other stuff.” (Kim Wolfshout, a participant in the program from Toronto, Canada)

The sessions are suitable for beginners and intermediate levels.
Ages: grade 7 and up, ideally for adults.
Cost: online: $100 / in class kit: $200


  • Getting Acquainted

     Including basic introduction conversation, Pronouns, and Slang.

  • Getting Around Town

    Including nouns (House, Garden, Street), Adjectives and asking directions

  • At The Shuk

    Including foods (Tomato, Apple, Rice), Numbers, and verbs for shopping at the market

  • In the Restaurant

    Including foods (Falafel, Shakshuka), and ordering from a menu

  • At The Mall

    Including clothing, Colors, and verbs for shopping at the mall

  • Israeli Music

    A Hebrew party to finish the program with songs based on the Jewish-Israeli calendar

  • Special addition

    Cooking in Hebrew: Sessions including cooking and Hebrew workshops