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Mochileros Project

"Mochileros" project is a voluntary Zionist educational/communitary "Shichut" in small Jewish communities in Latin America and in small communities in Canada and India. The main activity of Mochileros is educational. They integrate into the activity frameworks that exist in the community (school, youth movement, synagogue, Hebrew classes, etc.) and also initiate diverse social activities. The activities they deliver deal with contents about the State of Israel, Zionism, Jewish identity, the Hebrew language and more. The department staff sorts young Israelis who have graduated from the military or national service for the project. The participation is suitable for those going on the big trip, for students on summer vacation and young people who will travel especially for the mission.

Click on the image for more information about the Mochileros program (in hebrew):

  • Rodrigo (Rolo) Weiner

    Rodrigo (Rolo) Weiner

    Head of Iberoamerican Desk
    Mochileros Project Director