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Regulations of the International Bible Quiz for Adults 2023

The international Bible quiz for adults is a tradition that began in the year of the decade of the country of Israel. The purpose of the quiz is to strengthen the connection of the Diaspora contestants to their brothers in Israel through the joint study of the Bible. The Bible is the basis of our existence as a people, and in it is our hope for the future.
The quiz is held once every two years during Hanukkah, and is preceded by a preparation camp.
The quiz is intended for members of the Jewish people from its various streams, religious and non-religious, over the age of 21

Allowed to participate:
1. Residents of Israel who have lived abroad for more than 15 years, even if they hold a foreign passport.
2. Those who have not previously won one of the first two places in the international quiz for adults.
3. Those who have not participated twice in the Bible camp for adults.
4. Those who are not envoys / bearers of official duties on behalf of the State of Israel in the Diaspora.

In countries where a public quiz was held (USA, Argentina and France), up to two contestants will participate in the quiz. From the rest of the countries, only one contestant will participate, the one who scored the highest score in his country at the end of the online phase.
The costs of flights to Israel and accommodation at the Bible camp are sponsored by the ministry
of the body that will manage the relationship with the contestants, the World Zionist Organization.

The international quiz will mark the 75th anniversary of the State of Israel

The study material for the quiz
Important note: The questions in all the quizzes are about the simple explanation of the Bible only, without commentaries. There may be questions of completing verses.
The questions will be translated according to the following translations:
English - JPS
Spanish - SINAI
French - La Bible bilingue Hébreu-Français

Preliminary online stage:

Genesis: the whole book
Exodus: 1-24, 31-34
Leviticus: 19, 23-26
Numbers: 10-25, 31-36
Deuteronomy: 20-34

First prophets:
Joshua: 1-11, 14, 22-24
Judges: the whole book
Samuel 1: The whole book
Samuel 2: The whole book
Kings 1: The whole book
Kings 2: The whole book

Online phase 2 (addendum to the above):
Psalms: 90-140
Song of Songs
Isaiah: 1-2, 40-66
Jeremiah: 1-2, 30-49
Ezekiel 1-4, 16-20, 33-39, 47 (1-12)

Public in selected countries (addendum to the above):
Ezra: 1, 3-7, 9-10
Nehemiah: 1-10, 13
Daniel: The whole book

International (addendum to the above):
Job: 1-2, 38-42
Proverbs: 22-31

the quiz phases:

Preliminary online quiz:
The quiz will consist of 50 open and closed questions (multiple choice) and another 10 decision questions, and will last about an hour and 15 minutes. It will be possible to take the test in Hebrew, Spanish, English and French. In all languages the verses will be given to the contestant also in the Hebrew. The online quiz will take place when the contestants are at home.

Login to the quiz is by using a passport number through a smart system and a personal code that will be sent to the contestant on the day of the quiz. The test will be open for a limited time during the day, and it will be possible to enter it only once. The test is under remote supervision through zoom, and will require opening a side camera.

The examinees are filmed throughout the quiz. The use of the Bible or any reference material is strictly prohibited.
Only those who pass this test with a threshold score of 25 points will continue to the next level.
It will be held in the format of the first test. Those who score the highest in this test will qualify for the next phase.

Details about the public quiz phase in the selected countries and the Bible camp for those qualified to the international phase will be sent separately to the relevant candidates.

1.1.23- Beginning of registration
1.7.23 - online phase 1
6.8.23 - online phase 2

Public quiz in selected countries:
3.9.23 - Argentina quiz
10.9.23- USA quiz
12.10.23- France quiz

11-14.12.23- Bible camp in Israel (3 nights)
13.12.23- International quiz for adults

Hananel Malka

The quiz coordinator:
Ministry of Education

*The scores of the online tests will not be weighted in the following phases.

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