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  • Yaakov Hagoel and Nataly Dadon

    A digital summary of 2022

    We're proud to present a digital summary of our year! We invested in a new website * We installed a system for light and sound displays * We joined TikTok * Celebrated 125 years since the first Zionist congress * and more....
  • Lighting up the National Institutions House

    In honor of Hanukkah's eighth candle, the World Zionist Organization and The Jewish Agency for Israel lit up the House of National Institutions in Jerusalem
  • People are looking at a cake in a shop window

    November 29 - then and now - 2022

    In honor of the 29th of November celebrations, confectioner Or Spitz recreated the magnificent tiered cake that was baked as a part of the celebrations after the decision was made to establish a Jewish state in the Land of Israel, in 1947. Photos: Meitar Collection, The Pritzker Family National Photography Collection, The National Library of Israel; Eyal Regev
  • חוגגים שבועות

    Chag Shavuot Sameach

    From the days before the establishment of the state Shavuot was celebrated in the building of the national institutions in Jerusalem. This year we reconstructed the Shavuot event at the courtyard of the national institutions
  • Advertisement for the 38th Zionist Congress

    Advertisement movie produced by the department to promote the first ever virtual Zionist Congress
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  • facebook movie

    120 years in 120 seconds

    We wanted to tell you about 120 years of Zionism in 120 seconds... Don't blink...
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  • I Love Israel movie

    A movie that was screened on a big screen in Times Square in New York City to mark 70 years since November 29th
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  • Herzl movie

    November 29th recreation event

    On November 29th 2017, a recreation event was held in Jerusalem to commemorate 70 years since the UN Partition Vote in 1947. This movie was screened on the National Institutions building
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  • ועידת סן רמו

    San Remo Conference 100th anniversary

    We produced a video that explains in 100 seconds about the San Remo conference held 100 years ago.
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  • Shana Tova

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