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In 1935, the World Zionist Executive and the Executive of the Jewish Agency for Israel established a permanent institution to foster and cultivate Hebrew literature and research. In honor of Haim Nahman Bialik, the national poet who had died one year earlier, the new body was called the Bialik Institute. As a public national institution, the Bialik Institute has dedicated itself mainly to literary and scientific projects of enduring value that strengthen Hebrew culture. 

Its projects include the Biblical Encyclopedia; historiographical collections; the "Dorot" series; research on the Bible, the Apocrypha and the Dead Sea Scrolls; biblical language; philosophy, including Jewish and general philosophy, Kabbalah, and studies in Hassidism; history and sociology; belles lettres, essays, criticism, and linguistics; translations from Yiddish and world literature; Israel studies and antiquities; art and artists; studies in Zionism; bibliography.New projects worthy of mention are the history of Jewish settlement in pre-State Israel; the collected writings of Uri Zvi Greenberg and the collected poetry of Abba Kovner.

The Bialik Institute is under the responsibility of the Department for Organization and Connection with Israelis Abroad, as a part of the department's activities.

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