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The homecoming of Jews living in diaspora is greatly celebrated in Israel, and one of the greatest gifts offered to those arriving in the Jewish state is Israel education.


Because of this, the World Zionist Organization has made it a top goal to promote Zionist ideas and thoughts by way of Israel education. This organization works hard to encourage Jews to return to their homeland in order to reconnect with their historic roots and become educated in Jewish language (Hebrew), history and how to prepare Israel for the future.

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Israel Education - Theodore Herzl and the WZO

Theodore Herzl, who was one of the greatest Shlichim of Israel, created the World Zionist Organization (WZO).  Shlichim means emissary in Hebrew and messenger in English. Shlichim are from all walks of life and dedicated to the Jewish people and Zionist education.


They help create an awareness among the Jewish people on the world and encourage Jewish pride. Another goal is to build a bridge of diversity between Jews and those of other backgrounds. All of these things help instill proper education in the people of Israel. This is something that people from all over the world are in need of – education on the Jewish homeland.


The Delegitimation of Israel

Although Herzl built the bridge through the World Zionist Organization and the work of Shlichim has helped to improve the quality of Israel education, there are still those attempting a delegitimation of Israel.


The problem is that the question of whether Israel is a legal and legitimate state is invalid; those who wish to argue the point have no leg to stand on, as the international community as a whole already recognizes its legitimacy. This is yet another reason that the World Zionist Organization is so necessary; it must keep working to educate the people of Israel and those around the world about the legitimacy of the Jewish homeland.


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