How Zionist Education is Helping to Preserve the Jewish Culture and Heritage
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World Zionist Organization (WZO) was started at the First Zionist Congress in August 1897 in Basel, Switzerland to protect and unite the Jews around the world, and also to create a secured place for them to call home in Israel.


WZO was founded by Theodore Herzl to promote Zionist ideology. Today, working on Herzl’s goals, WZO is dedicated to promoting the Zionist Education to enlighten the young people around the world on Jewish culture and heritage.

Zionist Education

Through Zionist Education, World Zionist Organization aims to educate  the world about the situations prevailing in Israel. It works toward providing an appropriate response to delegitimation of Israel.


WZO and its affiliates aims include broadening horizons of Hebrew language, especially among the next generation of Jews; encouraging the settlements of Jewish farmers, tradesmen and artisans in the capital; and fighting anti-Semitism and achieving the goals of Zionism by promoting the Zionist Education around the world (by obtaining the consent of other governments if required).

 Zionist Education

What Is Shlichim?

Shlichim is an emissary program that works on the mission to preserve the heritage and culture of Jews. Its programs are designed to educate the Jews living in Israel and around the world through Israel Education.


These programs handpick people from all walks of life to be sent out as emissaries to promote, advocate and assist people of the Jewish community through cultural awareness, promoting Jewish art and other teaching programs.


And World Zionist Organization helps these programs develop respect and better understanding between the people of Jewish communities around the world through Zionist Education. One can find these programs everywhere in the world and everyone is free to join to get a better understanding of Jewish cultural and heritage.


To achieve all of the goals of Zionism, it is important to bring all the Jews around the world to one consciousness, educate them and unite them to preserve the culture and heritage of Jews.

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