Why We Must Fight the Delegitimation of Israel
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  Delegitimation of Israel


The Jewish people have undergone many horrors throughout their history. When the nation of Israel was finally born, there was a huge celebration for the Jewish people all over the world. However, the sad fact is that there are people who are still taking part in trying to prove the delegitimation of the Jewish state of Israel. Delegitimation of Israel is a major issue, and the best way to fight it is through Israel education, Zionist education and understanding of Zionism as a whole.


Standing Up for Israel

One way to help stand up for Israel and help it become recognized by the world as a legitimate state is by joining with the many organizations across the world that are dedicated to Zionist education. The largest organization dealing with Zionism is the World Zionist Organization (WZO), located in Israel and managed through the work of Shlichim, which spreads the word about Israel and Zionism.


Delegitimation of Israel – Help from the WZO

The World Zionist Organization has taken its efforts to debunk the delegitimation of Israel across the globe; it is now a nationally organized challenge. And of course all that can be done from the land of Israel is being done. For instance, Operation Pillar of Cloud has come together with the Herzl Center and Museum to open the museum free of charge for those that wish to become educated about Zionism & Israel.


Why We Must Fight for Israel

Fighting against the delegitimation of Israel is of great importance. The Holocaust is not all that far in our past and it should not be buried along with all of the other horrors suffered by Jews all over the world for centuries. Allowing the delegitimation of Israel would be just one more slap in the face to Jews all over the world that have already lost so much. This simply cannot be allowed to happen.


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