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Shlichut is in origin a Hebrew word that means to send out or commission people. It refers for the most part to an outreach program that young people participate in hosted and initiated by agencies as well as organizations called Shlichim.

These missions find their foundation in strong ideologies and values that make up the core of the Shlichut. They use a set of actions over time to promote advocacy through provide assistance to the Jewish community in the Diaspora, as well as cultural awareness and a promotion of the arts with other outreach teaching programs.

The Shlichim – A Serious Screening Process

To ensure that the best candidates are selected, Shlichut participants must participate in a training and screening process before being chosen for a mission. The purpose of this process is to determine whether the candidates are prepared to undergo the Shlichut. A typical applicant will be a young, professional, typically in his/her 20s, who wishes to work with the Jewish agencies in an effort to reach out to those in Diaspora. The Shlichim is intended to promote Zionism around the world, and also to help with campus activities, social events, educational programs and advocacy sessions that promote Jewish culture, such as the significance of Mount Herzl.


Understanding the Jewish Doctrine- Living the Values

There are different types of Shlichim that occur around the world. One type includes sending a family to Latin America and Spain to encourage the growth of Jewish communities. The World Zionist Organization has representatives in North and South America, and in France to help promote Shlichim. Ultimately, the goal is to help as many people living in Diaspora as possible to keep strong ties with the Jewish faith. If you have a strong love for the Jewish Doctrine and wish to help as part of the Shlichim, talk to your community leader today to see how to get involved.


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