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The Jewish culture and heritage go much beyond that of other religions. Being part of the Jewish faith means more than just attending ritual ceremonies or having specific beliefs; it is a way of life. In order to promote the new Zionism and reach out to the Diaspora Jews living around the world, the Schlichim allows the spreading of the Jewish legacy. 



The Goal

Ultimately, the goal of the Schlichim is to promote Israel advocacy throughout the world. Those who are separated from Israel can often forget what it really means to be part of the Jewish community, and the Schlichim is designed to keep everyone in the fold and promote a feeling of family.


If you are active in your local temple or Jewish community, you can probably get some additional information on how to become involved.

Still, one of the main features that is looked for are young professionals who can really relate to those in Diaspora. Having a strong connection to Israel is an important part of the faith, and being able to aid those outside of Israel in their faith is important.


Preparing for the Schlichim

In order to spread the message through the Schlichim and become an emissary, one must undergo a detailed screening and thorough training in the proper way to spread Zionism.

At this point, one can become part of the Schlichut, a Hebrew word that means sending out or commissioning people. Though most Schlichut members are in their early 20s or 30s, others are welcome to become involved in this process as well. 

So, if you are looking to get involved as part of the Schlichim, speak to the local leaders of your Jewish community and find out if there is already an emissary program near you.

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