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The World Zionist Organization has been committed to promoting the Zionist enterprise and idea as vital aspects of Jewish life in accordance with The Jerusalem Principle since its inception at the First Zionist Congress in 1897.


The World Zionist Organization works to amplify the impact of Zionist ideology as well as activity in various Jewish communities around the world. By working through the Zionist Federations and it's Shlichim around the world, the WZO works for Israel advocacy by influencing the agenda of the Jewish community.

How to Pursue Israel Advocacy

One can pursue Israel advocacy as well by informing oneself using websites. Positively Israel, a site maintained by the Jewish National Fund, illustrates Israel's contributions to the world that make it a better place to live.


Blue Star offers a two-year educational source that is a great value for the younger generation that teaches them Israel advocacy through critical thinking skills and fostering their Jewish identity.


The WZO stands up for Israel advocacy and helps others pursue Israel advocacy through a number of ways. Stand for Israel by joining the WZO, or support Israel advocacy by learning more about the situation by listening to the six-part seminar, Honest Reporting. Inform the world effectively about Israel while learning more about your Jewish identity and you too can support advocacy.

How the World Zionist Organization Boosts Israel Advocacy

The Israel advocacy has been put into place by the printing and distribution of educational materials. Some of the materials used in the Israel advocacy program are authentic posters obtained from the Central Zionist Archives.


These posters take you through a journey about life in Israel, how it was in the past, and how it is today. Israel advocacy is demonstrated by how life has changed since independence to date, how the Jews were treated before, and how people around the world treat them today. 



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