Shlichim: Participate in Programs That Strengthen Jewish Culture and Promote Zionist Activities
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Shlichut is a word in Hebrew that means to send out or commission people. It refers to an outreach program usually that is started and participated in by groups, organizations, or agencies. These shlichut missions are built upon strong Jewish values as well as ideologies. These missions promote advocacy and promoting culture through the arts, moral assistance to the community, and outreach teaching programs.


All Shlichut participants have to go through training and screening process to determine whether they are ready. Jewish agencies understand the importance of having energetic young people with lots of time and the ability to get work done, and traditionally volunteers are young professionals in their 20s and 30s.

Shlichut means to send out or commission people. The training is undergone by applicants before they go on the mission. As well as training, shlichim or emissaries need to undertake a screening process to make sure that they are fit to make the journey.


Shlichim often are also chosen for their specific skills in an area such as teaching, like the Teacher Emissary Program by the World Zionist Organization. The goal is to strengthen Jewish ties between the Jewish people and emissaries throughout the world.


Dynamic leaders are committed to the Zionist vision and message with sound Jewish doctrine, a belief in the power of Hebrew as a unifying tool, and a desire to promote Zionism among the Jews of Diaspora.


It is part of programs such as making aliyah 2013 that are being done to strengthen the Jewish culture and unite people everywhere. For admission into the Morim Shlichim Program, education as well as awareness of Jewish heritage must be completed consistently over time. The Program is designed to successfully build a strong foundation for a new state of Israel that the next generation can enjoy and proudly build their lives on.

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