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Mount Herzl is a  site of major importance for Israel and the Jewish people. It is the well-known setting for the annual state ceremony marking the conclusion of Israel’s Memorial Day and the beginning of Israel's Independence Day celebrations. Mount Herzl was named for Binyamin Ze'ev Theodor Herzl, the visionary of the Jewish state, who is buried there.

Resting Place for Israel Leaders

Mount Herzl is iconic in terms of its national symbolism, too. As the last resting place for Israel’s presidents, prime ministers, Knesset speakers, and a number of other leading figures of modern Israel, it testifies to the history of the State and provides a focal point for pilgrimages and study tours.

mount herzl  


Resting Place of the Leaders of the World Zionist Organization

In addition to serving as the burial grounds for political leaders and figures of Israel, Mount Herzl is also the burial place for the Zionist Organization leaders and Herzl's family members. Herzl's own tomb can be found at the summit of the mountain, set in a large plaza overlooking the Judean Hills with a view across the Old and New Jerusalem. large black marble tombstone is  and bears a simple engraving with Herzl's name.

Military Cemetery – Yad Vashem

On the southern slopes of Mount Herzl lies Israel's Military cemetery, the major military cemetery for Israel’s fallen, with memorials to those whose resting place remains unknown and to the victims of terror. On the western side of the mountain is the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. These two sites bear witness to the major, turbulent events leading up to the birth and establishment of the State of Israel, as envisioned, by Herzl himself.

The Herzl Center

As you enter the Mount Herzl Park, you will  find the Herzl Museum & Educational Center, a state- of- the- art, multimedia complex that will guide you through the vision of the Jewish state, to its establishment and development. In the museum,  you will be able to see tThe reconstruction of Herzl's study in Vienna complete with authentic furnishings and artifacts.



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